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Smartphone brain scanner


Smartphone brain scanner
September 19, 2011 by Editor

Smartphone brain scanner with the Emotiv 14-channel EEG headset (credit: DTU)

Researchers at the Technical University of Denmark have demonstrated a fully functional smartphone brain scanner — consisting of a low-cost 14-channel EEG headset with a wireless connection to a smartphone (Nokia N900) — enabling minimally invasive EEG monitoring in real-world settings.

The system provides a fully portable EEG based real-time functional brain scanner, sensors, data acquisition, logging, brain state decoding, and 3D activity visualization.

The raw EEG data is obtained from a wireless Emotiv 14 channel Neuroheadset with a sampling rate of 128Hz. The headset transmits the EEG data to a receiver module connected to a Nokia N900 phone.

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